Pastors Moment

Sermon excerpts from “In the Midst of Dying, God Still Creates” Exodus 1:1-14


“Beware of a sheep in wolves’ clothing because sometimes sheep can take your man or your woman, too! Every sheep ain’t saying “Baaa-Baaa-Baaa.” Some sheep are saying, “You just wait until you got to sleep!” ~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


Exodus 1:1-14, Israelites lost family members to death but God multiplied their seed and caused them to grow in great numbers. This alarmed Pharaoh, who couldn’t see that the Israelites were trying to develop character and excellence because Pharaoh was too busy looking at quantity and not quality. So when you lose the benefits of what you had so remember God gives an increase to replace what you lost. ~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


“When you grow, folks get jealous. They become threatened by your privilege and when they can’t stand what you got- BEWARE, Pharaoh is on the rise.” ~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


“In the midst of dying, God can still cause strange increases.” ~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


“When folks are at you, sometimes the best way to defeat them is by serving God.”
~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


“A death can remarkably influence your increase.”~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


“Your faith magnifies God’s power.”~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


Habakkuk 2:3 says at the end it shall speak and not lie. “Stop looking at the pain and look for the promise.”~ Dr. Darnell Gooch, Jr.


“If God continue our friends and relations to us while we most need them, and removed them when they can be better spared, let us own that he [God] is wise, and not complain that he [God] is hard upon us.”~ Matthew Henry’s Commentary: Exodus


Matthew Henry adds that though your place of satisfaction may be your affliction that may prove your greatest cross…”This same shall comfort us.